Home Health & Hospice

We Partner With Home Health and/or Hospice to Provide Holistic Care to Our Patients

Created By: Simon Howden

Doctors At Home (DAH) provides home health agencies with clinical resources for timely coordination of care. Our Physician’s and Providers work closely with Home Health staff to optimize outcomes in the transition of patients from hospital, Rehab facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities to home. When a change of condition occurs in the home, and skilled home services become necessary, we are available to make referrals to obtain the assistance you need to assist with your recovery.

DAH providers complete face to face documentation, and initiate orders needed to begin and/or continue Home Health services. We understand the impact of PDGM and Choice Review Demonstration to the availability of your healthcare.  Once home health services are established, we work in collaboration with the home health agency to ensure consistent support during your care.

Our physicians are highly experienced in providing medical intervention, and are available to provide ongoing support as the Primary Care Physician. For hospice patients we supply end of life counseling, support in the execution of advanced directives, Hospice referrals, initial certifications, re-certifications, and face to face visits as required by Medicare regulations.

Our in-office team includes patient care managers and nurses who work with your physician. They are available to answer questions about your care and fill/refill medications and coordinate care between the Primary Care Physician, the Providers, the Patient/Family and facility staff. Doctors At Home is available Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm and on call for urgent matters 24 hour/ 7 day a week.